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For the Boston Globe’s Sunday Arts section, May 18th. The general theme was “Summer & Arts”, and right now I can’t think of anything more summery than a chill roof party. (please invite me to your roof parties)

I just sent one sketch for this, because I was really excited to do this particular idea, and my longtime art director Ryan Huddle is awesome and puts a lot of trust in me. Which, I think, leads to many of the illustrations I like the most, because I’m free to work in my own way and want to fulfill that trust with a really nice piece.

As a note—this piece was colored almost entirely with a combination of a gradient map and adjustment layers on top of a grayscale image. I started off with a grayscale sketch, and added a gradient map sandwiched between a few adjustment layers (curves, selective color, and color balance). For me, working on my tone/contrast first and then color 2nd is almost always the key to good color.

Print available from my Inprnt store.

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Accent Red by Neil Talwar