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What an awesome con, SPX proves once again that it’s filled with all the best people! HUGE THANKS to everyone who stopped by to say hello or buy a print or listen to my panel or talk about anime boyfriends with me, I had a blast, (if you can’t tell from these photos where I’m laughing half the time)

I got wiped out of most of the stuff I brought, but I’m working to figure out how to provide Anime Boyfriends & some of my other items for online consumption. I’ll put up posts about those in the next week or two!

As always, I still have my online InPrnt store where you can buy most of my prints! Check it out!

The only thing that bummed me out was that I barely got a chance to walk around and buy stuff from all the other amazing exhibitors. Agh!
The weeks before SPX were pretty rough, but it was uplifting to meet so many friendly & talented people who wanted to talk or buy my stuff.
Thanks for an awesome experience!

Thanks also to our photographic pal Aaron who took most of these nice photos of Sam & I!

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