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Hey guys! 3 things:
First, thank you for all the support & good vibes on here! I really appreciate it, and I hope you’re all having a lovely day, respectively.

Second, I wanted to post my cover illo/design for an upcoming issue of Domestic Etch magazine! The theme was “The Past”, and of course I wanted to draw a medieval alternate reality! It was a while back, but I’m very happy to report that my cover was featured in the Society of Illustrators editorial show this year (along with this piece, and this one!)

Third, I updated my print store with a bunch of new pieces, including my Domestic Etch cover (minus the type), the rest of the images you see here, and more! Inprnt has seriously amazing print quality—the colors SUPER ACCURATE—so check ‘em out if you need to fill some wall space with lady space marines or floating donuts!

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Notes: 1564

Accent Red by Neil Talwar