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My piece for the Message in a Bottle show at Light Grey Art Lab! Actually, it’s for a little show within the show—called Searching for Secrets (also the theme) and each participant in my MAKE 2013 workshop created an awesome piece for it with a letter hidden inside! Everyone’s pieces are arranged in order, so once you find the letter in each image, they spell out a message together! Take a look and figure out the message for yourself! (can you find my letter?!)

I’ve been reading a lot of cyberpunk recently (Snowcrash, The Diamond Age, Neuromancer) so I’ve been itching to draw some dystopian sci-fi. I wanna draw more!

Also as part of this project, I challenged all my participants to use informal subdivision to help create their sketches! You can see mine above, and read more on my blog!

Tags: Illustration 
Notes: 1787

Accent Red by Neil Talwar